Dr. Shapiro is a compassionate Medical Doctor (MD) offering comprehensive evaluations for medical marijuana treatment. As a part of Dr. Shapiro ’s comprehensive treatment model they now offer medical marijuana evaluations to patients diagnosed with one or more state-approved medical condition(s). Those suffering from chronic ailments that have not responded well to traditional treatments may find that a natural, alternative treatment, such as medical cannabis, helps to provide them with relief. Once a patient has completed their consultation and has been approved, the physician will provide a written recommendation that is recognized by the Florida Medical Marijuana Program, allowing the therapeutic use of cannabis. Patients who are curious about the process in the state of Florida are encouraged to book an appointment today.

Dr. Shapiro is conveniently located at 561 South Duncan Avenue, Clearwater, Florida, USA and aims to serve patients in and around the local area of Pinellas county. Individuals located near Clearwater who are interested in pursuing medical marijuana treatment are encouraged to book an appointment today to be evaluated for a medical marijuana card. Many patients throughout the state of Florida have returned to a life with less pain, stress, and anxiety thanks to medicinal cannabis treatment. Individuals throughout FL now have the ability to access medicinal cannabis with the assistance of Dr. Shapiro, who can help patients determine if this form of treatment will be right for them.

About Us

Dr. Shapiro is certified by the American Board of Surgery and has extensive experience in clinical and academic surgery. He brings the advantages of his education at Williams College, Tufts Medical School and residency at Yale in his practice with medical marijuana use. His goal is to give compassionate, professional and skilled care to his patients.

With extensive experience and my academic background and years in private practice as well, I believe that I bring a sense of perspective to my practice. Academics have been a beacon in my various career decisions .Where I am now is a product of where I have been, and I have extensive experience with with clinical patient care. For nearly 40 years, I have devoted myself to the practice and teaching medicine and surgery, and I feel every experience along the way has been important. I will now devote my efforts to advising so many patients in need about whether medical marijuana my be of help to them. Here are some highlights of the places I have been throughout my career.

The internet has made a huge change in the way physicians practice. When I first began to practice, patient referrals came as word of mouth from the community and colleagues recommendations from the same area. It was the legendary hanging up your shingle.

Now the shingle is the internet and web pages that have a global reach. I regularly see patients not only from the towns in Tampa Bay, including Clearwater, Tarpon Brings, New Port Richy and all of Pasco county and Hudson, but across the water including Tampa, Brandon, Bradenton and Sarasota, and even further south; Venice, Cape Corral and Ft Meyers. Many come from Orlando and Winter Park and the East Coast, including the Daytona area and Ft Pierce. I am now in the habit of asking how far did the patient have to drive to get to the office.

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