Dr. Pelaez is a compassionate Medical Doctor (MD) offering comprehensive evaluations for medical marijuana treatment. As a part of Dr. Pelaez ’s comprehensive treatment model they now offer medical marijuana evaluations to patients diagnosed with one or more state-approved medical condition(s). Those suffering from chronic ailments that have not responded well to traditional treatments may find that a natural, alternative treatment, such as medical cannabis, helps to provide them with relief. Once a patient has completed their consultation and has been approved, the physician will provide a written recommendation that is recognized by the Florida Medical Marijuana Program, allowing the therapeutic use of cannabis. Patients who are curious about the process in the state of Florida are encouraged to book an appointment today.

Dr. Pelaez is conveniently located at 1004 Scenic Highway, Pensacola, Florida, USA and aims to serve patients in and around the local area of Escambia county. Individuals located near Pensacola who are interested in pursuing medical marijuana treatment are encouraged to book an appointment today to be evaluated for a medical marijuana card. Many patients throughout the state of Florida have returned to a life with less pain, stress, and anxiety thanks to medicinal cannabis treatment. Individuals throughout FL now have the ability to access medicinal cannabis with the assistance of Dr. Pelaez, who can help patients determine if this form of treatment will be right for them.

About Us

If the answer to either of these questions is no, you should consider my program.

Health and the pursuit of happiness are my passions, and I believe my background can show this. Treated for seizures as a child and unfortunate enough to lose my father to a brain tumor at age 17, my interest in health has been a lifelong one. These conditions impacted my life in such a way that led me to become a medical doctor and to specialize in neurology.

Later, I did my internship of Internal Medicine and Residency of Neurology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and my fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, where I became chief resident and chief fellow. I passed the boards of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology, the American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology, Sleep Medicine, Age Management, and Anti-Aging Medicine, and I am currently a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a member of the American College of Nutrition.

I was a neurologist and sleep specialist for nearly 17 years in private practice in Pensacola, Florida, where I became the Chairman of the Department of Neurology.

I hope that by communicating my credentials I can begin to earn your time and trust. Please know that what you will hear from me is reinforced by educational background, decades practicing medicine, and a sense of personal integrity that I feel is crucial to both oneself and one’s business. I always tell my patients that my approach to delivering healthcare is simple: I will never recommend for my patients anything that I would not do for my family or myself. I believe there are voids in our healthcare system that I would like to fill.

I am not fully satisfied with the way we, physicians, serve our patients today. Our healthcare is reactive rather than proactive. We have superior emergent and “sick care,” but not real prevention. We oftentimes emphasize treating the symptom rather than going to the root of the health problem. After all these years in practice, I have found a way to optimal health that truly works for my patients and me, and it’s more than simply prescribing a medication to treat a symptom.

PHONE: 850-436-4444
FAX: 850-433-3555

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