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Does Medical Marijuana Help with Sleeping Disorders

High paying jobs and stressful lifestyles can often make sleep an elusive luxury for most of us. According to the National Sleep Foundation, over 50 million US adults experience the symptoms of a sleep disorder and more than 10 percent of adults deal with chronic insomnia. So if you think getting a shut eye is becoming harder with each day, you’re not alone!

Marijuana and its Effect on Sleep

With so many people facing trouble with sleeping disorders, over the counter medications and prescription medications have become common solutions. However, there has been a rise of one controversial solution for sleeping disorders – marijuana or cannabis. Many in medical marijuana fraternity have claimed that cannabis is an effective treatment for sleeplessness with negligible side effects. Marijuana contains some analgesic properties that eases stress and relaxes the body for a good sleep.

There are different strains of marijuana. While some are energizing, some are calming and sedating depending upon cannabinoids. There are 2 major cannabinoids that are most common.

Cannabidiol (CBD): A is a non-psychoactive ingredient that is derived from the hemp plant, it effectively treats insomnia, pain and anxiety.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): A psychoactive chemical compound in the cannabis plant, it is responsible for giving you that “high” feeling.

Both the above compounds affect sleep differently. While high strains of THC may help you in sleeping better and some specific strains of THC can induce sleep. Also, some people might combine the consumption of sleeping aids and cannabis for better effects; however, it is important that you don’t try to self-medicate and discuss your problem with qualified medical marijuana doctors in Naples.

Additionally, you must remember that combining marijuana and sleep may actually inhibit REM sleep which is characterized by rapid eye movements, dreaming and faster pulse and is important for stimulating the brain’s areas which are responsible for learning and retaining memories. If you are a regular consumer of marijuana, getting to thisstage of sleep may get difficult.

Final Thoughts

What is the ultimate purpose of a good night’s sleep? To recharge and energize for another day. Marijuana may help you in achieving this purpose and at the same time, it may make it worse!

If you are thinking or already using marijuana assuming that it will help you sleep better, you must remember that it works differently for different people. Also, you may be unaware about the right dosage. Taking the advice of an experienced and qualified medical marijuana doctor in Jacksonville can help you treat your condition in a much better and responsible manner. 

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