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To get started please search for your listing by doctor name, practice name, or dispensary. If your doctor, practice, or dispensary is not listed please click here to submit a listing request.​

Our Process

1. Search your name

To get started please search for your listing by doctor name, practice name, or dispensary. If your doctor, practice, or dispensary is not listed please click here to submit a listing request.

2. submit a claim request

Once at your listing select the "claim listing" option located in the header and main call-to-action section of the profile. Complete registration to submit a request for review.

3. verification call

Once your claim is submitted the corresponding data will be screened by our team. You should receive a call to ensure all data on file is up-to-date.

4. Complete Profile

After your verification call our team will approve your request within 24-48 hours. Once complete, the admin can further customize & enrich the profile resulting in higher rankings.

Frequently Asked Quesions

FloridaMMD was created to help patients searching for alternative medicine find certified doctors who are able to recommend the use of medical marijuana. Our online directory uses local SEO practices for optimizing the patients experience to discover a nearby physician that can help guide them through their journey of exploring new types of medicine. In short, we help bring patients through your door at no cost to you or them.

Every physician who is listed on FloridaMMD will be shown in our directory when a new patient is exploring certified doctors in their city or county. When you claim your profile at no charge, we will validate your profile with a blue check mark that allows patients to connect with your practice through email. FloridaMMD also provides the ability to customize your profile with personal graphics, include an “about us” section, add a direct link to your website, and we will help develop a customized blog article in our Cannabis Card Chat section to promote your listing – standing out from the crowd to be recognized. Click here to upgrade your listing today. Your profile will also be rotated on our home page in the recommended doctor section to boost recognition. 

Once you sign into your account, using your login credentials(email and password) at the top right of our homepage, you will be able to select the My Account page using the dropdown menu under your username.  The Dashboard will display how many visits your profile has received in the past 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.  FloridaMMD also shares data on how many of those visitors were unique (new patients) and total visits (new & existing patients).

Yes. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex algorithm based on a variety of factors that include but not limited to backlinks, which is a redirection of another website (in this case, FloridaMMD) that will bring traffic to your own website for building brand awareness. There are hundreds of listing syndications across the web and FloridaMMD can help verify your personal website and increase your traffic. If you do not have a website, don’t worry…we can help you create a landing page that showcases your practice and implement SEO strategies that we have learned through building our own directory to attract new patients directly to your website. Click here to view our marketing packages.

Simply email with your request and we will respond in 24-48 hours to assist.

Claim By Email

Having trouble claiming through our online portal? Feel free to write our team a email and claim your profile.

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