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Cannabis Card Chat with Dr. Lorraine Ryan

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Lorraine Crisci Ryan, MD is a local board certified Anesthesiologist. Dr. Ryan has been in practice for 28 years. She graduated medical school from the Northeast Ohio Medical University and completed her internship and residency in Anesthesiology at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, VA. Dr. Ryan currently holds a teaching position at Florida State University College of Medicine.

Dr. Ryan chose the field of Anesthesiology due to a strong desire to help patients suffering with all types of pain. After many years as a successful Anesthesiologist, Dr. Ryan knew there was something more that she could do to help ease the pain and suffering of her patients.

Florida legalized medical cannabis for a broad range of illnesses in 2016. Naturally, Dr. Ryan became intrigued and keen on becoming a part of this novel holistic treatment. “I felt like this was a natural transition for me, to further my desire to help patients who are suffering from a variety of ailments. My own mother is a chronic pain patient and I knew that I needed to be part of the solution.” This desire inspired Dr. Ryan to begin researching medical cannabis and to become a qualified medical marijuana provider.

Her background in Anesthesiology gives Dr. Ryan a huge advantage in making recommendations for medical cannabis patients. Anesthesiologists use the titration method of medications in their routine approach to treating patients. Titration is the process of determining the medication dosage that reduces one’s symptoms to the greatest possible degree while avoiding as many side effects as possible. When your doctor titrates a dose, he or she is making an adjustment to how much medicine you’re taking. Essentially, a dose is given, an outcome occurs and is analyzed, and then a new dose is selected if necessary. This process continues over the course of treatment. Medical cannabis is also recommended on a titration basis. Because of this, Dr. Ryan feels uniquely qualified to participate, treat and recommend medical cannabis to you, her patient.

How long have you been prescribing marijuana?

I have been a certified MMJ physician for over 1 year. I opened my office in March 2019 to see patients.  I have been an Anesthesiologist for over 27 years. 

What do you typically prescribe marijuana for?

Most of my patients have either chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, cancer, and Insomnia.  It can be used for a variety of disorders. 

How big a part of your practice is this?

I am a single specialty practice that specializes only in MMJ.

Who is your typical patient?

I don’t think I have a typical patient. Our area has many elderly or retired people so many of my patients are a such but I also have a good mix of people who a re still working and need relief of their symptoms. 


What do patients in Florida need to know about seeking and using marijuana as a medical treatment?

MMJ is a natural and holistic medicine that can be used for a variety of illness. It is not a gateway drug and does not lead to dependence on other medications. Actually it can be used to help get off of some of the more toxic pharmaceuticals that patients are taking already. You cannot lethally overdose on MMJ. It has a great safety profile and is very important in the proper function of an abnormally functioning Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS). I do a lot of education when my patients schedule an appointment with me.  I believe that education is empowering and the power helps us to improve our health. The education includes info about MMJ, the ECS, the dispensaries, and the card system in Florida. 


Who would you recommend consider marijuana as a treatment?

Yes, I am a true believer that medication is a great alternative to toxic chemicals and it is a more natural way to help the body and mind. We at Atlantic Coast Cannabis MD feel and believe that medical marijuana is a natural and holistic medication for the treatment of many health conditions. With the continued emergence of our knowledge about the Endo-cannabinoid System and its interplay with many health conditions, the future of medical marijuana will be growing rapidly. We believe that medical marijuana is a better alternative to the “pills” that the pharmaceutical companies are supporting. We know that as patients become more informed about medical marijuana, they will appreciate the way they are served at Atlantic Coast Cannabis MD.

Anything else patients should know about your practice?

Atlantic Coast Cannabis, M.D. was founded on the belief that all patients deserve the right to pursue positive healthcare goals, and attain the greatest quality of life possible while avoiding the pitfalls of traditional pharmaceuticals…instead, using a natural substance to replace them. Dr. Ryan has created a unique practice. Atlantic Coast Cannabis, M.D. is not your typical physician’s office. Instead of sitting on a table in an exam room, you will find yourself relaxing on a comfy couch or restful armchair, as Dr. Ryan has designed a comfortable and safe environment, placing the needs and well-being of her patients first.Whether you are a first time patient seeking a medical cannabis evaluation, or a current medical marijuana card holder  looking for a transfer or a renewal, all patients can feel comfortable and confident they are receiving the best personalized care available.


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